Mobile VOIP Technology

Mobile VOIP Technology
In the first we need to ask ourselves this question ..
What is the meaning of VoIP Technology?
VOIP Technology means that  Voice Over Internet Protocol , and there is another question to understand this technology
How VoIP Technology Work ?
VoIP Technology  simply is allows conversion of all analog audio signals into all digital data that which can be transmitted over the Internet all over the world then voip has capability to use new standard internet connections to make huge distance calls all over the world by service providers or phone operators.
Now all of us can start communicating directly all over the world through VoIP technology service worldwide.
Mobile VOIP Technology!!
In the past voip technology usages  has limted to users who have computers or voip devices which were connected to broadband internet connections and that make voip technology has limited at office or home only, that is in the past but now There is new voip technology and it is name is Mobile VOIP Technology and any one have mobile phone and if he can access to data using GPRS which means General Packet Radio Service technology or any one have Third Generation mobile technology 3G technology or any one have  Wi-Fi connections technology all of them could use VOIP Technology to reduce  international call rates of them and of course that is very useful to them and save there money at least.
How Mobile VOIP Technology Work?
If you want to use Mobile VoIP technology and benefit this technology you should have the following :
- Mobile Phone which have GPRS with 3G technology or Wi-Fi technology which enabled hand set.
- Your Mobile should to have compatible hand set which supports the mobile application which makes VoIP calls possibility as example google talk and Skype applications.

Realy Mobile VOIP Technology is very cheap than any other mean of telecommunication technology  such as GSM, PSTN,  CDMA  and other technology mobile phone. So it is very popularity than all any other mean of telecommunication technology.
Mobile VoIP technology is very promising future technology  because it is the main reason to reduce cost of communication  between people all over the world with usage of the internet.