VoIP for Your Business : When Should You Consider VoIP for Your Business?

Most of the business telephone industry concludes that most business telephone systems which shipped today are based on voice over internet protocol or VoIP. VoIP telephone systems has out shipped digital systems for many years and today has gained a sizable share of the installed base.

VoIP Providers  produce many hosted services and it has many new  names in the telephone industry including Hosted VoIP, hosted pbx, virtual PBX and others. Some of customers may only purchase new telephone instruments, if any equipment at all, with their hosted VoIP produced these services today.

Voip purchase : Does Your Business Need VoIP?

Think before and then decide you will purchase VoIP enabled telephone systems or select a hosted pbx provider if you have business needs for VoIP system technology and your networks are ready to support voice over net protocol VoIP. So if business need VoIP but not the network, the network can be improved immediately.

That is some of the needs that VoIP will be solve. Some of instance like, hosted VoIP providers or hosted pbx are specifically required to solve the problem as opposed to purchasing a voice over inter net protocol or VoIP enabled telephone systems.

If you have a company and has many offices with daily make communication between them or they need to make consolidated departments spread out between them or between the offices then VoIP telephone systems  or voice over inter net protocol technology provided the ability for phones spread out between  a different geography to easily communicate using data networks as if they were all in the same building including dialing extensions and transferring many calls.

VoIP telephones technology  can be share the same cabling to each desk with the computers.

VoIP telephones technology  could be moved by the user with in the office. Some of IP telephones systems and most of hosted VoIP services will allow the user to plug the telephones into any places and could be access to the Internet immediately.

If your company has high long distance bills and it has high costs then VoIP telephone systems and hosted VoIP service can reduce the long distance between remote offices and workers in company in the remote area.

So if you have a company and it has one or more of these needs above, then that is the time to decide whether your networks are ready for VoIP telephones technology.

Are Your Networks Ready for VoIP Technology?

You need Data cabling for all locations where VoIP telephones placed.

You need healthy  Internet connections.

You need 100 MB ethernet switches or above for internal network.